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Is this really a fundraiser?
Yes, this event raises funds for the band program at Skyline High School. The nonprofit entity is Skyline Friends of the Arts.
The director of Brick Bash (Duane Collicott) was himself a participant in the band program in Ann Arbor Public Schools (Dicken, Slauson, Pioneer), as were his sons (Abbot, Forsythe, Skyline) and is a volunteer for the event.
Exhibitors - the LEGO fans who display their models - are also volunteers.
Vendors - those who are selling food or products - donate a nice percentage of their sales. Vendors are purely extra. That is, the $5 admission at the door is all you need to see everything and participate in all hands-on actiities. In years past, many people asked that there be refreshments and LEGO products to buy at Brick Bash, and so we added them to the show.
Are tickets sold in advance?
No, we keep it easy. Tickets are sold at the door. Cash and Venmo are preferred, as credit cards fees will reduce the amount we earn.
Can I talk to the builders?
Yes, certainly! We are all just regular people, and we love to talk about what we built, why we built it the way we did, how we built it, what problems we had while building it, etc. And we like to hear about what you build.
Can I touch the LEGO at Brick Bash?
Well, yes and no. If a display is behind a plastic chain or has a "Please do not touch" sign, it must not be touched. Please respect the effort and time that the builders put into their models. However, there are hands-on activities, including the free-build area (millions of loose LEGO and Duplo parts to play with), a race track, and even a collaborative mosaic-building project that everybody (even kids) can participate in.
Can I take home what I build?
We're sorry, but unless it's something you bought, it must stay here. All the loose LEGO and Duplo is part of somebody's personal collection that is loaned to us each year for Brick Bash. We do not receive parts or assistance from the LEGO company.
Do you really have people from the LEGO Masters TV show?
Yes! Tim and Zach, who were contestants on Season 2, join us each year. You can meet them, talk to them, and help build the fun, colloborative project they bring with them. They were with us in 2023 and are confirmed again for 2024.
Are there LEGO clubs in the area?
Yes. All clubs within 100 miles of Ann Arbor, and some from further away, are represented at Brick Bash. You will see them displaying as a group or as individual members, or both. By the way, "LUG" is an acronym for "LEGO User Group," which is just a fancy way of saying it's a club.
MichLUG is a large and very active club that is primarily in the southeastern Michigan area but has members as far away as Grand Rapids, Bay City, and the UP. They have a large faction within the club that focuses on trains and city layouts, but there all other themes and interests are represented and enjoyed as well. Many of the individual members have their own personal focus and build heavily in that area.
The Toledo Division is a subset of MichLUG which consists mostly of builders from the Toledo, Ohio, area. Although they are not a separate club, they warrant mention here due to the sheer size of their colloborative displays, which often involve modules from fifteen club members. As a group, they have brought to Brick Bash the bigest displays we have ever had at the show.
TherapeuticLUG is a club in the greater southeastern area (ranges from Jackson to the Thumb). their philoshophy is: "we believe in utilizing the therapeutic medium of LEGO to express our view points in life, and have fun." The director of Brick Bash can attest to the fun part, as he is a member.
Western Michigan LEGO User Group is a club in the western Michigan area, centered around Grand Rapids. The members of this club were formerly part of MichLUG, but as the club grew geographically it became too big to be served by a single club. Many builders are members of both clubs, and the two clubs can often be seen displaying next to one another, or even in partnership, at various shows.
FortLUG is a club in the Fort Wayne, Indiana, area. We know a few of the members, and we let them come to Brick Bash, so it must be a nice enough group!
Is this show the same show as Brickworld?
No, but Brickworld is a friend of Brick Bash, and we encourage you to atttend both shows! Brickworld is the show that used to be at Suburban Collection Showplace in Novi through 2022, but is not the show that is there now (we do not recommend the show that is there now, Brick Fest Live). Catch Brickworld the next time comes to Grand Rapids (September) or Detroit (November).
Is this show the same show as Brick Fest Live?
No, Brick Fest Live is a different show and has no connection whatsoever with Brick Bash.
Exhibitors, displays, and food offerings are subject to change without notice.
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